When I came to the Ratchett stables I was directed to the person in charge; frau Gertrude Ratchett. An imposing woman who wielded authority like a sword, and it was evident that she had every person working at the stables giving his or her best for the company! When I finally got her attention among the organised chaos, I stammered my business and hoped for the best. She looked me up and down and thrust a parchment in my hands. “Read it for me”, was her only reply. I quickly ran through the text and found it to be written in a special Nordland dialect with heavy Norscan influence. Close enough to Reikspiel to be recognisable as such, but detached enough to be difficult to decipher … but I get carried away. I could tell frau Ratchett wasn’t the most patient patron I’ve encountered so I quickly conveyed the information contained in the document. She hestitated but a moment, and then offered me 2 shillings for every day I could spend helping out with paperwork at the stables. A pittance for sure, but I am not in a position to turn down a job offer at the moment. We arranged that I would come in every Wellentag, Marktag, Bezahltag and Angestag unless otherwise inconvenienced. I would also be available at short notice for special assignments should the need arise. And so I found myself with an employment in Altdorf. Not the start of my academic career that I had envisioned, but at least I had my tower room in the university and not a means of aquiring monies to pay for food, clothing and other materials I need for my studies.

Adolphus Altdorfer
Aubentag, Nachexen 6, 2522 IC