I haven’t heard any more from Emeritus Gutbelesen about my office and my position. I hope he will give me more information soon, but I fear that he has been avoiding me. Still I’m beginning to find this tower room both comfortable and suited to my means. I have brought up a few book cases, and will start going through the book shops in the Werkswiertel Bezirk this weekend. I’m sure to find many interesting tomes hidden among the penny novels of trollslayers and vampire maidens among us. To think that writers spend time putting tales like that unto paper, when they can chronicle simple life in this city and find much excitement and suspense! Anyways, I’ll start to look for Die Motte, which has been mentioned as a starting point for my quest for books on the history of Altdorf!

Adolphus Altdorfer
Backertag, Nachexen 8, 2522 IC