Altdorf book in the works

Chatter in the Ratcatcher’s Guild has revealed that Cubicle 7 have started work on an Altdorf sourcebook! That is all we know, and it follows nicely from Andy Law’s call for help in compiling a list of Altdorf references in official works.

So it will be very interesting to see where this goes! Other things talked about by C7 staff indicates that they are thinking about adopting the “it is un-mappable” stance, but I fully expect them to do some sort of spectacular overview map.

WFRPv4 is out … in a preview … in pdf

The WFRPv4 preview pdf is now out. I am reading through it as I write this … well not really, it’s on me iPad and I’m reading it between chores and patching up a bleeding finger. I’m still at chapter one, so it’s difficult to give a proper review but so far I kinda like it.

Yeah … “kinda”. It looks fabulous, it reads well, what I’ve heard of the rules makes sense … but I can’t so far muster more than “I kinda like it”. Hopefully that’ll change. It is by all appearances a solid version of WFRP with the roots in WFRPv1 and WFRPv2, with a sprinkling of WFRPv3.

The most important thing right now is the chatter with Andy Law, who is fielding questions while he does maps and finishes the layout. The outreach from C7 has been outstanding the last month.

Anyways with the preview out we aren’t that far from finished pdf. A couple months to the printed books arrive I fear, but them’s the ropes.