It should come as no surprise to my readers that I am a big fan of the work done by Dave Graffam to produce high quality handouts and GM aids for WFRP. Last year I posted about his seals and ribbons, and Dave has now released even more of the good stuff to print and hand out to the players, building on that Old World atmosphere. I particularily like the letters! Get them at the following links:

Ribbons 1
Ribbons 2
Ribbons 3
Ribbons 4
Ribbons 5
Ribbons 6
Seals 1

I also think any GM will find the excellent parchment backgrounds that Andreas Blicher has put together very useful. He has graciously allowed me to use the backgrounds for my own handouts, which add immensely to their look and feel. And he’s offering them for download at his site!

Hochland parchment
Reikland parchment
Talabheim parchment

So with the seals, letter and ribbons from Dave and the parchment backgrounds from Andreas, a GM’s got what he needs to put that authentic look on his own handouts!