WFRP: New page explodes onto WFRP fan scene!

Yesterday I got a mail from a reader asking about the progress of the iAltdorf map. Sorry to say, any updates will take a while, since I’ve been away from it all for a while and it’s taking some time to pick it all up again. No updates until summer!
But that’s not what I really wanted to talk about. The sender of the mail also pointed me to a site chock full of WFRP material. My esteemed reader, whom I presume is the “Charles” part of the “Clo and Charles” dynamic duo hosting the page, is to be heartily commended for taking material from so many years of WFRP and making it available for the rest of us.
Click here to check the site out!

WFRP: It’s alive!

Yesterday I noticed that my fellow blogger and occasional visitor known only as Another Caffienated Day fired up the blogging tools again. We have a few things in common, for example an interest in Apple and of course Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.
ACD has returned to us to participate in the A to Z April challenge, and has kicked off his posting with a look at Archahcheon … Archaceon … Arhcon … Archaon … yeah that looks right … Archaon, the Lord of the End Times.
ACD has promised more posts, and since I think he’s insane to join the challenge he’s going to need all the support he can get! So get yourselves over there and post some encouraging words.

WFRP: a look at the history of the game

Here’s a tip of the hat to the splendid site known as Kalevalahammer. Jackdays mantains many interesting projects, and one is to list some of the history of Warhammer.
Click here for history!
I haven’t checked it for accuracy, but knowing Jackdays there are good odds of it being spot on accurate. It would be cool if we could get stuff like the WFRP mailing list, launches of prominent fan sites and the publication of individual issues of Warpstone in there too!