A few weeks go I sat down and figured that chatter about WFRP was at its lowest ever! Then, I really started looking at what was happening on the net and realised that I had to stop only going to the usual places looking for WFRP talk, I had to cast my net wider!
So I found Reckless Dice, which is chatter about the current edition of WFRP in podcast format. And there’s a lot of chatter going on! The guys behind the podcast are up to the tenth installment (released two days ago) as well as having a play-by-play podcast of them playing Eye for an Eye, the introductory adventure found in the WFRP box and Game Master Guide.
I’ve now listened to the episodes I found (missing number one and two in iTunes for some reason). It is a lot of talk about rules and how to play, and interlaced with that are comments on the Old World and its denizens.
Well worth a listen!