This spring the A to Z blogging challenge was brought to my attention. I could never ever in my imagination seeing myself contributing to posting one post every day, for a month. So I wrote it off.

Then Tim at Another Caffienated Day showed me how it’s done! He stepped up to the plate, and delivered 26 blog posts, from A to Z, about WFRP.

A mighty deed, indeed. Impressive and invigorating. And absolutely worthy of a Best of the Fans mention!

But I have to beat an old drum of mine. Hearing from readers is one of the most fun parts of writing a blog, and if you drop by and read Tim’s posts, drop him a “hello” and “well played, good chap” or what passses as a cheer in your part of the world.

For I would very much like him to continue blogging, even if it’s not one post a day. So remember Another Caffienated Day when you think about what’s the best among WFRP fans.