“Hear! Hear! Let it be known that our Imperial Administration has uncovered counterfeit coinage in circulation within our capital! Let all be reminded that the punishment for dealing in counterfeit coinage is loss of one limb per gold coin handled, up until the removal of the head!”

– Heard from town crier outside the Imperial Mercantile Bank, in the Bankbezirk

Counterfeiting is a terrible crime in the Empire. The authorities does its best to keep any outbreaks of fake currency as isolated as possible, mostly by chopping of people’s limbs if they peddle forged coins. Still, it can be very difficult to trace the occasional forgery back to its source. Just possessing a bad Karl won’t be enough to condemn a man, but it will be enough to render him a good thrashing as part of him aiding the Watch in their inquiries.

Offloading a bunch of fake coins on the adventurers can be a good way to start an adventure. If not for anything else, once they discover that they have been set up and realise the danger they’re in, they will be aching to track down the culprit and hand him over to the authorities … in bits and pieces. And given that this is WFRP, most players will also ponder the potential use of hundreds of fake gold coins …which reminds of an old adage which should fit the occasion.

“Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself.”