I soon realised that I had to find another way of earning money. Since Professor Gutbelesen would not pay me until my I took up my position, which he himself had postponed for over a week, I’d have to put some Karls in my purse to pay for food and other necessities. So I went to the North gate and crowded with adventurers, vagrants and other riffraff, trying to find a job on the Dead Tree. I was temporarily distracted as a fight broke out by the gate, evidently a group of refugees had desperately tried to storm into the city, hoping to overrun the North Gate Guards. As most people moved to investigate or just gawk at the spectacle, I got a closer look at the offerings. One in particular caught my eye.

“If you can read this you might fit the bill! The Ratchett Lines needs a scribe or a scholar to help expand its services! Apply at the Ratchett Stables in the Bankbezirk!”

I vaguely remembered the Ratchett Lines as one of the smaller coaching companies that had routes to Middenheim. I had ended up travelling with Cartak Lines, but it seemed to me that both of them was the same kind of company. I tore down the paper, and made my way towards the Bankbezirk, which conveniently was the neighbourhood district. As I left I saw the North Gate Guards subdue the last of the desperate refugees, and the reinforcements were moving out among the tents to deal out some preventive violence. I remembered the bribe I had to pay to enter Altdorf, a sum none of the people living just outside the walls could afford.

Adolphus Altdorfer
Aubentag, Nachexen 6, 2522 IC

The Ratchett Line and the Cartak Line were first mentioned in The Enemy Within, if my sources are correct. They are listed as operating out of Altdorf, and as being in competition with the dominant WFRP coaching line; Four Seasons Coaches. No other information was given, so it will be interesting to see what Adolphus finds out.

I have placed the coaching companies in the Bankbezirk, all fairly close to each other. I hope to establish a running rivalry between the lines, which should give ample opportunity for work for adventurers. The most obvious job is hiring on as a guard for one of the coaches, or even as a driver if you posses the appropriate skill. This works well if you want the characters to leave Altdorf, and for such occasions they might just get paid to do a one way trip, if that suits your needs.

But I feel that there are plenty of other venues for adventures associated with coaching lines, and not all of them means that the characters have to leave Altdorf. I’ll look into those opportunities later.