One thing that I remembered from entering the capital was a big black tree by the North Gate. It was long dead, almost petrified but even at this cold and wintery time it bore leaves. Paper leaves. When I looked closer at it I noticed that it was covered with small and large notices, asking for help, asking for jobs, asking for information, asking for just about anything you can imagine. I was told that this is one way for the people of Altdorf to communicate with each other. If I can find the time to read every such tree in the city, I will probably learn much about the life of the people here.

Adolphus Altdorfer
Wellentag, Nachexen 5, 2522 IC

I found a great thread at the Black Industries forum, and threw together the following picture, based on a post by Steve Darlington (co-author of Children of the Horned Rat). Open the picture in a seperate window to view it full-size, or just save it to your hard drive and open it which ever way you want to.

Do you schnoodle?

This poster is not adapted for my version of Altdorf, but I will check with Steve again to see if he allows some small changes. He was kind enough to give me the go ahead to put it up here, so I’m sure he won’t mind. I’ll just ask him first, since that is the right thing to do.