I was hoping to get settled as soon as I arrived, but I talked to professor Skilling before I left Middenheim and he had heard that there seemed to be a lot of work to be done at the University lodgings normally offered to visiting scholars. So I’ll have to start looking for accommodations of my own. Ideally I would like to make my bed in the Universität Bezirk, close to the faculty, but I am afraid that my meagre income will force me to find more modest lodgings. The people I have spoken to who have spent time in Altdorf have recommended the Werksviertel Bezirk where I’m likely to find some artisan or other that will let out a room for an academic man in pursuit of knowledge. I hope to offer help with writing and reading to make my chances of finding a good place higher. So it is with some optimism I write this. I expect to be in Altdorf tomorrow.

Adolphus Altdorfer
Hexentag, Nachexen, 2522 IC

As the poor and confused Altdorfer heads towards the capital to find a place to stay, so have I looked into the lodgings here at Blogger. I have finally managed to get the template to look like I want it to, and have installed little code snippets to track the number of visitors. Needless to say I hope that this blog will in time be a popular and well read source of inspiration for other people’s WFRP game.

In the beginning things might look a little rough and all but I hope to straighten everything out as soon as possible. Oh, and a happy new year to all WFRP fans out there!