A question that continues to haunt me is that of the future of Altdorf. There have been times when the Imperial capital has been located elsewhere, and such a possibility still exist should the Emperor fall. Or be toppled. Is there such a risk? Our rulers say no, but is almost impossible to know how the machinations of Chaos have wrought changes upon our Empire. The Storm of Chaos has changed all and enemies can be found where once there were allies. And maybe the other way around, though Schrechlich’s Witch Finders frown upon such talk. I fear I must keep such heretic thoughts to myself until such a time they can be made public. Probably after my death, if I’m any judge.
Adolphus Altdorfer
Backertag, Vorhexen 33, 2521 IC

As the last day of our present year grows darker and snow is yet to fall, it is with great interest I await 2007. A lot has happened with and around WFRP in 2006 and the next year looks to be a year of further consolidation for the product line. The rate of new releases has slowed down, and many new writers have been brought aboard. The next will hopefully give Black Industries (BI) the time needed to leverage their newly won expericence and establish continuity with the writers, and also getting procedures in place for research into game world continuity, something which is high on the wish list for many players of the game. I also hope that they will tap the creativity and knowledge of the fan base to a larger extent than before. I believe there has been clear signs in that direction, and I hope BI will follow through on that.

I also feel that the quality of the books in the WFRP line has picked up during the year. I believe that to be one of the positive results of the management change that occurred late 2005 and the reorganisation that followed. A management change that had some fans predicting the imminent cancellation of WFRP and the closing down of BI. During 2006 these fears have been proven unfounded and BI has turned out some stellar books, albeit marred by editing problems. But things have been improving and I eagerly await the releases of next year.

If there is anything I see as a risk, it is the Warhammer 40k Roleplaying Game. I have waited for it for nigh on 20 years, and since much of my previous writing was heavily influenced by WH40k (i.e. the Mutant Chronicles RPG) I feel very excited to finally see such a game being released. But I have some fears that it will prove to be to the detriment of WFRP as publishing resources are probably allocated to next year’s biggest release. So I’m happy and a bit vary at the same time. Still, I count 21 releases for the second edition of WFRP since the relaunch. There have been a mix of highs and lows, but the result for me is clear; a rekindled interest in WFRP. The releases for 2007 are an interesting mix and I hope that my fears for a neglected WFRP will be proven wrong, as was the reported demise of BI and WFRP in late 2005.

Good luck to BI during 2007! Keep up the good work, and throw the bag of spare misprunts out with the christmas tree.