I left The Burning Table and dragged my suitcases after me. It was rather empty on the streets, since it was fairly early. Mostly deliveries and the occassional Watch Man. As I was at the edge of the Friedwang Bezirk and wanted to get to the Univserität Bezirk, I could either take the main street down until I saw the university and then turn right, or cut through Friedwang. It was snowing lightly from grey skies and the cobble stones were wet and slippery so I decided to take the shortest route. Which of course turned out to be a mistake. As I made my way through the buildings in the Friedwang, I stumbled and slipped. As I fell down I landed on my suitcase with reading materials and it split right open, spilling books and papers into the street. A man hurried towards me, and I anticipated help in gathering my materials before the wind carried them away, or they became ruined by the wet snow. I was thunderstruck as the stranger picked up a heavy tome, and then ran for it. All I could do was shout for help, but no one seemed intent on aiding me. And I couldn’t leave my other books for fear of losing them as well. I quickly gathered my possessions, closed the suitcase again and started towards the University. I was cold and wet, and I’m sure I cracked a rib landing on the hard stone cobbles.

Adolphus Altdorfer
Angestag, Nachexen 3, 2522 IC