As I packed my suitcases, filling them with my books and clothes and other parapharnelia I pondered my further plans. I had to leave The Burning Table, simply because I couldn’t afford to stay there another night. And I couldn’t pay for lodging anywhere else either. So my only recourse was to find the University and locate professor Emeritus Gutbelesen, who was to be my superior at the faculty. There were still some days before he had agreed to accept me, but my dire economical circumstances dictated that I find him as quick as I could. So I bid farewell to herr Tafel, who were cleaning up after the last night’s brawl. He wished me luck in my endeavors and suggested a pawn shop close by if I couldn’t find any other means of aquiring financial means. So I dragged my luggage after me and left for the Unviersität Bezirk.

Adolphus Altdorfer
Angestag, Nachexen 3, 2522 IC

So what is this Bezirk thing that Adolphus goes on about? Well, in Alfred Nünez’s document about Altdorf a host of districts are identified and described. They offer a great way of getting to know Altdorf, and a great way to for the players to quickly get a grip of what can be found where. For example there is the University District, the Palace District and so on. And slums of course. The districts themselves will what I are most likely to place there in regards to buildings, shops and people, but also the response levels of the City Watch and the relative risks of muggings or other … accidents.

And Bezirk is simply the german word for District. So I just continued on the route suggested by Nünez and appended all names to sound more german, ending up with this list:

1. Amtsbezirk – Civic District
2. Bankbezirk – Banking or Financial District
3. Domplatz Bezirk – Cathedral or Religious District
4. Drecksack Bezirk – Wretched Slum District
5. Friedwang Bezirk – Scholar’s District
6. Metallschlack Bezirk – Engineer’s and Metalworker’s District
7. Morrwies Bezirk – Realm of Morr District
8. Niederhafen Bezirk – Dockside District
9. Obereik Bezirk – Upper Reik or Minor Noble District
10. Oberhausen Bezirk – Upper Class District
11. Palast Bezirk – Palace District
12. Reikerbahn Bezirk – Lower Class District
13. Reikhoch Bezirk – Old Town District
14. Reikmarkt – South Market District
15. Sindelfingen Bezirk – Sewer or Slum District
16. Süderich Bezirk – Middle Class District
17. Universität Bezirk – University District
18. Werksviertel Bezirk – Manufacturing or Worker Class District
19. Tempelplatz – Temple Square
20. Kaiserliche Palast – The Imperial Palace

°Altdorf Bezirks

So there you have it. Right now Altdorfer is heading towards number 17, the Universität Bezirk. Oh, and by the way, if anyone happens to actually know german, feel free to correct any and all lingustic mistakes I make. I’m working from the similarities between swedish and german, and there might be mistakes in there. Or rather, there will be mistakes in there …