What do people in Altdorf talk about? Just about anything. And very often they talk about what’s being peddled as information, sold or given away by eager news sheet vendors, or posters glued to walls. The Altdorf Truth is one such news sheet, posted on the walls of buildings and sometimes even animals all over the capital. No one knows who is behind the rag’s eclectic mixture of pro-Imperial and anti-authoritarian reporting. Part news, part opinion piece, part gossip, and all this with a second helping of hysteria, The Altdorf Truth has a curios finger on the very pulse of what people deem important in the largest city of the Empire. It is evident that the writer or writers are singularily well connected among the merchant class and the aristocracy, and it has laid bare many a scandal since it started circulation in 2501. Authorities have tried in vain to track down the elusive publisher and their failure has suggested that the culprit might even be of higher rank than any can imagine, maybe even sanctioned by one of the electors. I believe the truth to be more mundane than that, but will devote no further energy into finding out the truth behind the distribution of said news sheet.

Aldophus Altdorfer
Aubentag, Pflugzeit 31, 2523 IC

The Altdorf Truth 807

The Altdorf Truth is a tool I use to keep the players thinking about and taking note of the big and small things that goes on in the campaign world. It provides a nice counterpoint to their own little universe, where their PCs are always the most important people. Some events are major and will change the campaign for the PCs, and some are minor things they will never have to bother about. And some are secrets that will play out later on in the campaign. I hand out one new issue of The Altdorf Truth at the end of each session, and have one player read that issue at the beginning of the next session. Works very well to keep the players anchored in the setting.