The iAltdorf project continues to grow. With your help the map can be made more accurate and comprehensive. So please post your requests for additions or changes in the comments of this page!

Planned additions and changes
These features are planned. No promise is made as to when they make it into the project, but things should appear eventually.

* Add sewers (major pipes and main sewer entries for each Bezirk).

* Add special area: Imperial Palace.

* Add more locations to University of Altdorf.

* Add elector palaces (one for each elector).

* Have to look into the placement and size of the Bezirks (Districts). Especially the Bankbezirk seems suspiciously large, as does the Palast Bezirk.

* Add street names from Darkness Rising

* Add more streets

* Divide places into more layers (just like Taverns and Watch Stations, e.g.)

* Add more distances to Scale layer

* Add increments to distance indicators, one every 100 yards

* Add more islands

* Add elevations

* Add places linked to the NPCs found on The Altdorf Correspondent

* Add Grand Temple of Morr close to Amethyst College

* Fix the sign for Die Kunst und Der Welt

* Fix the sign for The Cat and Fiddle

* Delete placeholder text for Gugelhupf’s Bakery

* Rough up the layout. It looks too neat! Note: an ongoing effort, it will take a lot of time!

* Add special area: Refugee camp.

Do you have anything you want to add? Let me know!