Preview of iAltdorf

This is a preview of what I’ve been up to lately; my own map of Altdorf. The final map will be a PDF map, with layers so that you can turn some features on and off; names, streets, buildings, sewers and districts.

I’ve been using the map from The Enemy Within (published 1986 by Games Workshop) as my base, and the general layout of the city matches that map. Also, MadAlfred et al’s stunning work on the Imperial Capital has been referenced. Read up on Altdorf here!

Finally, as you will see when the map is released in a year or two – just kidding, I’m hoping to release a first version end of August – I’ve added my own street names and places as well. But as I work on the map I’m reminded of the passage in Spires of Altdorf claiming the capital can never be mapped. Only now do I realise the truth in that.

I would also like help in adding to this map or just correcting it, so if you feel like beta testing it, please drop by in the comments!