So I went to my FLGS today. They know me there, so all I had to say was “you’ve got something for me”. The reply was “a big box?”. Sure thing, WFRPv3 comes in a big box. It feels massive, it is massive. If this had been released way back when, I would have been totally floored by it. I really like the package.
Unboxing it (pictures to come) revealed a box half packed with stuff. Some padding, but after trying to put it all back, the box was crammed. Well, that’s life. The pieces and rulebooks and everything looks really neat. Really, really neat. They’ve avoided some typographical errors that plagued the BI releases, which is nice. They are reusing a lot of art which is ok in my book, but a bit disappointing.
Initial impression is that it looks cool, that it heaves closer to WFB imagery than earlier editions but that it tries to appease the WFRP fans of yore by introducing some familiar themes. One peculiar thing I haven’t seen mentioned is that they stuck in a bag of extra ten-sided dice, since they deemed that the original dice didn’t measure up quality-wise. A bit odd, and I’m not sure what to think of it. Nice that they put in the extra dice, a bummer that the original set didn’t hold up … it’s one of those things that won’t bother the fans, but will be forever used as fodder against WFRPv3 by the most vocal of critics.
Ok, that’s the initial impressions. I’ll post pictures later.