WFRP has always been a game that’s been defined by how you play it, rather than what it says in the core rules. The impression of the first edition was influenced more by the ground-breaking and breath-taking The Enemy Within campaign and subsequent fan material covering various aspects of the Old World not touched upon by more official and marketable material.

When the second edition was announced, there was fear among the established fan community that the new edition would prove to be less supported by stellar fan material, since more than a few of the old hands expressed doubts about writing new material for the new edition. Fortunately for Black Industries and fans of second edition, a lot of both new and already established talent decided to step up to the plate and start hitting home runs.

One of the most spectacular of these fan efforts is the project called Liber Fanatica. The project has so far released four pdf books filled with interesting and thought provoking material, and the first book was released simulataneously with the second edition core rules. The thing that attracts me to the Liber Fanatica is the fact that the writers work hard to build a bridge between first edition and second edition, updating careers, skills and other aspects as well as adding new material in the style of first edition.

So if you haven’t already clicked the link to the Liber Fanatica web site, move your cursor the the following link, and download some of the best stuff for WFRP that is available online!

Click here for the Liber Fanatica web site!