WFRP is a game where much of the source material is referred to by the fans by using abbreviations of the books’ titles. This tradition has created a common ground for referring to the rules and books among players of the game, and I wanted to collect this in one place, for my own convenience. Here follows a list of common abbreviations found in relation to the WFRP roleplaying game. This list covers both the first and the second edition of the game.

I have collected these abbreviations from the Internet, but I’m not sure how widespread some of them really are. Feel free to post corrections and additions in the comments!

The game

v1 – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition
v2 – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Second Edition
WFRP – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
WFRPv1 – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition
WFRPv2 – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Second Edition


BI – Black Industries (former publishers of WFRPv2)
BL – Black Library (publishes Warhammer fiction)
FFG – Fantasy Flight Games (current publishers of WFRPv2)
Flame – Flame Publications (former publishers of WFRPv1)
GW – Games Workshop (original publishers of WFRPv1)
HH – Hogshead Publishing (former publishers of WFRPv1, see also Hogshead)
Hogshead – Hogshead Publishing (Former publisher of WFRPv1, see also HH)

Fan material

LF – Liber Fanatica
LFI – Liber Fanatica 1
LFII – Liber Fanatica 2
LFIII – Liber Fanatica 3
LFIV – Liber Fanatica 4
StS – Strike to Stun
TAC – The Altdorf Correspondent
WS – Warpstone Magazine


A2 – Apocrypha 2: Charts of Darkness (Hogshead Publishing)
AN – Apocrypha Now (Hogshead Publishing)
AoM – Ashes of Middenheim (Part 1 of the Paths of the Damned)
BotD – Barony of the Damned
BotR – Blood on the Reik (BL)
CI – Corruping Influence
CotHR – Children of the Horned Rat, the Guide to Skaven
CotWW – Warhammer City – Middenheim/City of the White Wolf (Games Workshop)
CP – Character Pack (varies with context, see also RULES)
D:BitD – Doomstones: Blood in Darkness (Hogshead Publishing)
D:DR – Doomstones: Death Rock (Flame Publications)
D:DW – Doomstones: Dwarf Wars (Flame Publications)
D:FaB – Doomstones: Fire and Blood (Hogshead Publishing)
D:FitM – Doomstones: Fire in the Mountains (Flame Publications)
D:HoC – Doomstones: Heart of Chaos (Hogshead Publishing)
D:S&S – Dwarfs: Stone and Steel (Hogshead Publishing)
D:WaD – Doomstones: War and Death (Hogshead Publishing)
DDS – Deaths’ Dark Shadow (Games Workshop, Hogshead Publishing)
DH – Dark Heresy, the Warhammer 40k RPG with similar mechanics to WFRP
DotL – Dying of the Light (Hogshead Publishing)
DotR – Death on the Reik (Games Workshop)
DR – Darkness Rising
EiC – Empire in Chaos (Unpublished, Hogshead Publications)
EiF – Empire in Flames (Flame Publications)
FoN – Forges of Nuln (Part 3 of the Paths of the Damned)
GMP – Game Master’s Pack
GMT – Game Master’s Toolkit
GR – Green Ronin, former writers/publishers of WFRP 2nd Edition alongside BI
GW – Games Workshop
KA – Karak Azgal
KotG – Knights of the Grail, the Guide to Bretonnia
LC – Liber Chaotica
LC:C – Liber Chaotica: Collected Edition
LC:K – Liber Chaotica: Khorne
LC:N – Liber Chaotica: Nurgle
LC:S – Liber Chaotica: Slaneesh
LC:T – Liber Chaotica: Tzeentch
LLL – Lure of the Liche Lord (see also LotLL)
LotLL – Lure of the Liche Lord (see also LLL)
M:SDtR – Marienburg: Sold Down the River (Hogshead Publishing)
NDM – Night’s Dark Masters
OWA – Old World Armory
OWB – Old World Bestiary
PBtT – Power Behind the Throne (Games Workshop, Hogshead Publishing)
PotD – Paths of the Damned (series, usually inclusive)
PV – Plundered Vaults
RC – Renegade Crowns, the Guide to the Border Princes
RoC – Realm of Chaos (Games Workshop)
RoC:LatD – Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (Volume 2) (GamesWorkshop)
RoC:StD – Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (Volume 1) (Games Workshop)
RoS – Realms of Sorcery
RoS:HH – Realms of Sorcery (Hogshead)
RoSv1 – Realms of Sorcery, for WFRPv1 (HH)
RoSv2 – Realms of Sorcery for WFRPv2 (BI)
RotIQ – Realm of the Ice Queen, the Guide to Kislev
SH – Sigmar’s Heirs, the Guide to the Empire
SoA – Spires of Altdorf (Part 2 of the Paths of the Damned)
SoB – Shadows over Bogenhafen (Games Workshop)
SoC – Storm of Chaos
SoE – Shades of Empire (unreleased)
SRiK – Something Rotten in Kislev (Games Workshop, Hogshead)
TEW – The Enemy Within, a WFRP v1 campaign (Games Workshop, Hogshead).
TiT – Terror in Talabheim
tLRaatVK – the Loathesome Ratmen and all their Vile Kin (BL)
ToC – Tome of Corruption
ToS – Tome of Salvation
ToT – Tomb of Thieves (unreleased)
TTT – The Thousand Thrones
WC – The WFRP Companion (see also WComp)
WComp – The WFRP Companion (see also WC)
WC-F – Warhammer Companion (Flame Publications)
WD – White Dwarf, with ‘x’ as the issue number (Games Workshop)
WFB – Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Games Workshop)
WFRPv1 – The core rulebook of first edition WFRP (varies with context, see also THE GAME)
WFRPv2 – The core rulebook of second edition WFRP (varies with context, see also THE GAME)


AP – Armor Points
CN – Casting Number
Core – Core Rulebook, the WFRP main rules
CP – Career Path (varies with context, see also BOOKS)
CV – Critical Value
DoS – Degrees of Success
EP – Encumbrance Points
FP – Fate or Fortune Points
GC – Gold Crowns, a unit of currency in WFRP
GM – Game Master
HtH – Hand to hand combat
NPC – Non player character
PC – Player character
RAW – Rules As Written (i.e without house rules, “by the book”)
WA – Warp Artefacts
XP – Experience Points
IP – Insanity Points