There is much hidden beneath the surface of Altdorf. Many people are not what they seem to be, and something is amiss in the capital. Maybe it is fear of the Storm of Chaos that haunts us and turns our thoughts to survival … towards betrayal. “Save me … save me, but take the rest” seems to be the prevailing theme that rears its ugly head late at night when the wretched gather over a tankard of beer or a glass of sherry. We all have our secrets and maybe, just maybe this will be our downfall. For who knows which hand holds the dagger, and who knows when the blow will fall … all I know is that The Enemy Within will be our downfall. Tomorrow, next week or next year. It will be our downfall!

Adolphus Altdorfer
Konistag, Nachexen 10, 2522 IC

When I add NPCs to the blog I expand the gallery of potential allies for the characters. But it is important to also note that almost every NPC can instead become an enemy. Even though nothing tangible is mentioned regarding this in the descriptions of the NPCs so far, of those presented three are liaised with the Chaos Lords or the Skaven Vermin in my campaign. For my style of play this is something subtle, something that lurks in the background only to be discovered after the characters have formed a connection to a person. Only then is it possible to shock and surprise the players. If everyone is an obvious cultist, then much of what makes WFRP my favourite game is lost.

So who are the culprits? Well except for Old Hattie it’s up to you to decide for now. I will reveal more about the shadier dealings of my supporting cast as my blog continues, but remember one thing; just because they are bad people does not necessarily mean that they are allied with the Chaos Storm …

Well, at least not knowingly allied, that is.