“Hear! Hear! Let it be known that due to unknown and unforseen circumstances regarding the capital’s sewers, temporary conditions have given rise to a dramatic increase in the number of rats in Altdorf. Remember the bounty on rats, 3p per tail over a foot, 1p for the rest! And don’t forget to get a cat!”

– Heard from town crier at the Talabecplatz, Werksviertel Bezirk

Not surprisingly the rat problem is labled by the authorities as a temporary problem, but the truth is that it is a larger threat than that. The population of Altdorf is swelling from day to day, even though many refugees are not allowed entry to the city. The new comers are often quite poor, don’t have a permanent place to stay, and are weak from the hardships endured during their flight from the Storm of Chaos. Add to this that the sewer system is often rudimentary at best, and non-existent at worst. Much of the filth generated by the population is deposited in the gutters, to be carried away by gong farmers or by rain.

This combines to create a situatione which is beneficial to the rats, and they multiply in large numbers. And with this legion of rats in the sewers comes the threat of mutation among the rats, producing even more bizarre strains and threats to the city’s beleaguered poor.