“Strong men and women wanted to help clear blocked sewers and drains. Must have own weapons and armor. Apply at Council Hall. We will supply soap and hot water after the job is done.”

– Poster glued to a wall near the Bankbezirk Main Sewer Entry.

Sewers are always a good place for short encounters and backdrops for longer adventures. Maybe the sewers are blocked by monsters building a lair, creating the basis for a standard bug hunt … but be sure to add a twist or two. But don’t make that twist be skaven! Ghouls, mutants, a giant snake or an escaped wild beast from the Imperial Zoo, all are in my opinion better than using skaven. If you want to go another route, the blockage could be remains of a gruesome ritual dumped by cultists to avoid detection. This could be the start of an investigation that first tries to find out where the remains were initially dumped, and then who dumped them … a bit more WFRP style than the bug hunt, but it also takes a bit more job by the Game Master to pull off.