“Can you handle a ten foot monster? We need fishermen who can catch the Niederhafen Pike. Bring your own boat, net and club. Contact the Hafenmeisterei today!”

– Help wanted post on the North Gate Dead Tree

The Old World practice of posting notes advertising jobs all over the cities and villages can be a very good way of giving the characters opportunities to somewhat take control of their destiny. Of course, not every job offer have to have a fully fledged adventure behind it, sometimes it’s enough with just an idea of how to run an encounter.

For example, the Niederhafen Pike could be a monster, it could be a myth. It could be a real threat or just a rumour spread to cover up another sinister plot. Characters investigating might find clues that points to the involvement of one of the Guilds, or one of the Dockside gangs like the Fish or the Hooks (see Beasts in Velvet, by Jack Yeovil for more information on those two gangs).

Some help wanted posters might just be colourful jokes, provided to the players to help them understand the texture and the atmosphere of Altdorf. There is a really great thread with help wanted suggestions at the Black Industries forum. Click here to find it.