I am giddy with excitement! I have found an indespensible source of information on Altdorf life! She is called Alte Elsa and lives in the Drecksack Slums where she spends her days gossiping with each and every person that gets within earshot. She’s been sitting in the same place for as long as anyone can remember, and probably knows more about the inhabitants of the slums than any other person alive, and can be a fountain of information about the current goings on as well as the history of the neighbourhood. If you can understand her ramblings and stand her insane cackling, that is. I find myself drawn to her as a moth to fire, and have made it a habit of visiting her once or twice every week for new information about the inhabitants of the slums and their seedier practices.

Adolphus Altdorfer, 2522 IC

For an academic such as Altdorfer, the discovery of Alte Elsa must be a gift from the gods. But she can be a useful source of information for most characters as well. And even though she is situated in the slums, she can often provide information about the noble class as well as they make their illicit affairs far away from the bright lights of the court.