One thing that has defined WFRP for a long time is the dedication of its fans. While WFRP was not supported by Games Workshop a strong tradition of creating additional material grew into a powerful force which created some of the best fan material I have ever seen. This helped keep the game relevant to the roleplaying public in a way that few other officially unsupported games manage. And with the emergence of the Internet, sharing this material became as simple as sending an e-mail to the WFRP Mailing List.

A lot has happened in the last few years. WFRPv2 has been released, and the WFRP Mailing List is as far as I know inactive. Instead the discussions about WFRP have moved to various discussion boards, such as Black Industries own official boards, or to RPGnet or other places. Some of those who were active in the past have decided to focus on other things, some carry on today, and quite a few new fans have joined the tradition of creating fan material for WFRP.

But strangely enough, even with the Internet and all, most of these fan publications go without notice from the large body of WFRP players. So I wanted to do my bit to help that situation improve. Even though my blog is only drawing about 50 readers each week (probably the same 50, bless you all), maybe I can help spread the word about what I consider to be the best fan material out there for WFRP! I won’t focus on any one edition, as to me and my game they are so similar that any material is useful.

I’ll simply pick what’s best out there, and let you figure out which edition you want to use it for!

First out, taken from one of my favourite WFRP fan sites is Dave Graffam’s Purity Seals and Prayer Ribbons (scroll down his page to find them). Taking inspiration from the scraps of paper carried by most of the people in the illustrations for WFRPv2, Dave has created ribbons and seals ready to be printed out and added to your character sheet. It adds immensely to the atmosphere around the table!

Dave also has a lot of other really good stuff on his site, and I promise I’ll remind you of them at a later date. But hey, you don’t have to wait for me to say that they rock! Download them now and find out for yourself.