Sometimes I feel as if I’m being watched. As if everything I say and write is being read by distant spirits, far away ghosts … or even Deamons from the Void. I feel the urge to burn every single word that is wrong, every thought that goes astray. But even when the flame from my candle consumes the bluish ink, I have a feeling that someone, somewhere, has read the words already.

Adolphus Altdorfer
Backtertag, Vorgeheim 5, 2522 IC

Just a short post to explain some strange posts on my blog the last couple of days. Even though I’ve been doing this since January, I haven’t really learned everything about blogging with this tool that I need to know.

So … when I’ve been wanting to preview a post, I have cleverly posted it so that it was published one year ago. And that means it didn’t show up on the front page. That way I figured no one would find it, and I could look at it at my leisure and then take it down and redo it. Basically this is because I’m not at all happy with the preview function, and I really prefer to actually publish my posts to preview them. Gives me greater control and accuracy.

This weekend I realised that quite a few of my faithful readers … well, at least two of them, thanks Gitta and Dante, are subscribing to changes on my blog. A great way to keep track of new posts … which also meant that they can see every post I make, even if I try to hide them away.

So … not so clever of me, after all.

So, one of my strange experiment posts were up for a few days, confusing at least one reader. I didn’t count on anyone finding it, so for those of you that did, the basic explanation is that I’m looking for a house, and wanted to check some houses with a good friend. Hence the mysterious page with links to houses for sale … but now that page is removed, so look for it no more!

I really don’t know what happens when I publish a post, and then remove it. Do those of you who subscribe still get a notification, or is the notification removed when I take the post down?