WFRP fourth edition page count

Took to thinking about what little we know. One thing Cubicle 7 has told us is that the rulebook is 320 pages long. At the moment I believe that the 320 page total of the core book is a result of taking WFRP second edition rulebook (259 pages) and adding The Old World Bestiary (131 pages). That makes 390 pages, but shave off the fluff section and we’re down to 54 pages of beasts, and then we land at 309 pages.

We can remove 9 pages of beasts from the core rulebook, and that would give about 20 pages extra for fluff if C7 wanted to add some of that to the rulebook. So give or take some info here and there and we are in the vicinity of 320 pages.

We could also be looking at a combination of the second edition rulebook (259 pages), The Old World Bestiary (131 pages) and Sigmar’s Heirs (131 pages). Cut out the beasts (9 pages) and the info on the empire  (14 pages) from the rulebook, add in the GM section of OWB and then add a slightly edited SH, you could land close to 320 pages.

The first one (core + OWB) seems the simplest. The second one (core + OWB + SH) is what I would have done.

Cubicle 7 starts the system previews

The other day Cubicle 7 started with their system previews. In keeping with the rollout so far, not much in the way of mechanics was gleaned from the information offered. Basically, there will be three ways of handling tests and the consequences of success or failure. And that’s about it for the preview.

It seems to hew very closely to the second edition rules, as what is described in the preview can basically be found on page 88 and 89 of the WFRP second edition rulebook. Judging from that I am at the moment expecting the fourth edition to have basically the same rules as second edition, with some minor modifications.

This should sit well with the fans of first and second edition, although I have seen some posters express wishes for more experimentation and new takes. But we got that in spades with the third edition and that backfired with many old hands, so I firmly believe that Cubicle 7 will not take any such chances with this edition.

The next preview will be about combat. I hope we will get to know how the pc profiles look, and what statistics are used in the game.

Read the preview here!

Matthias Tafel

Matthias TafelTafel is the innkeeper of The Burning Table in Altdorf. He is a friendly fellow who keeps a tidy inn, which seems to take up most of his time, what with the occasional bar room brawl and festvivities of drunken revellers. Most of his clientele are travellers coming in through the North Gate, and The Burning Table is a common haunt for sell swords and adventurers. As such it has a somewhat chequered reputation among the Altdorf populace, and most customers are from outside the capital. Tafel is well liked in the neighbourhood and can be a veritable fount of information regarding the comings and goings of people through the North Gate. He has a marked disdain for the City Watch, whom he feels are nothing but another breed of thugs up to no good. He is married to Greta, and they have three children; Hans, Arnold and Gretchen. Tafel hopes to be able to sell the inn and buy a small house in the countryside sometime in the future, and is always on the lookout for likely buyers.

Career: Innkeeper (ex-Burgher)

Race: Human

Current profile
Main profile
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
40% 32% 37% 48% 40% 37% 39% 55%
Secondary profile
1 16 3 4 4 0 0 0

Skills: Blather, Charm, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Consume Alcohol, Drive, Evaluate, Gossip, Haggle, Lip Reading, Perception, Read/Write (Reikspiel), Search, Speak Language (Kislevian), Speak Language (Reikspiel), Trade (Cook)

Talents: Dealmaker, Savvy, Streetwise, Strike to Stun, Suave

Armour: Leather jerkin

Armour points: Head 0, Arms, 0, Body 1, Legs 0

Weapons: Stout Oak Club

Trappings: Inn