FAL News: Deathwatch RPG announced

In a surprise move FFG yesterday announced the Deathwatch RPG, the third installment of the WH40kRP line.

Read more about it here!

The reason I am surprised is that the timing seems odd. I was expecting it a bit later, after Rogue Trade picked up steam and got a few more supplements added to the lineup. But maybe this was needed after those pictures from GW revealed a bit more than they should last week.

Still, I think it is tremendously exciting, and I’m hoping that I can find some energy to run a Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch crossover some time next summer. Given I get some interest from my players for such a setup of course.


FAL News: FFG reveals name of new WH40kRP book

Ross Watson at FFG has revealed in his latest design diary that work on a new book for the WH40kRP is going smoothly.

I am very pleased to say that the next book for the Dark Heresy line is making great progress. It is called Creatures Anthema, a tome describing Aliens, Beasts, and Daemons lurking in the Calixis Sector… and how to kill them in the Emperor’s Name.

No mention of a release date, but it is good to see progress being made on new books. There’s still life in the game, although when it comes to WFRP and WH40kRP, history tells us to never rejoice until a book is on the shelf of our local game store!


FAL News: Rogue Trader set to release 2009

News from GenCon indicates that the next core rule installment in the WH40kRP, the Rogue Trader book, is slated for the next GenCon in 2009! Interesting times, and something I look forward to immensely!

I’ll comment on the contents when details are released.

EDIT 09.44 CET: Having seen a picture of the poster that FFG are displaying at GenCon, we now have a link as well: www.roguetraderrpg.com. For now it redirects to the official WH40kRP forums, but presumably some info will get posted at the new page at one time or the other.