WFRP: Altdorf in Warhammer Online

I haven’t tried Warhammer Online, since I haven’t had the time or inclination. About the only reason I have any interest is that I want to walk the virtual streets of Altdorf. I found the video below that shows a bit what it’s about.
It looks ok to me, but the streets feel too wide and clean, and it’s not a very bustling environment. I had hoped for a more busy Altdorf. I realise that there are techincal limitations today, so my dream of a crowded Altdorf might just be a pie in the sky.
Still, it’s an interesting look at the streets of Altdorf, albeit not something that entices me to look further at Warhammer Online.

UPDATE: Myrgrim posted a link to another, much more interesting video of Altdorf. So now I’m a little bit confused. Does anyone know if the first video above is from WAR? I believe it is, since the plaza with the statues in it is in there, but Myrgrim’s link seems more like the real deal.


WFRP: Altdorf in WAR

I have just recently begun looking into Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the MMORPG based on the world of Warhammer Fantasy. It won’t be close to WFRP in tone or gameplay, but one thing that’s piqued my interest is the fact that Altdorf is going to be one of the playing grounds. Evidently each faction gets their own city, and much of the game revolves around the struggle to raze the opponents’ cities. And since Altdorf is in the game this means that the guys and gals and Mythic are modelling Altdorf in 3d. Here’s a movie of in-game action, courtesy of GameSpy:

That movie blew my mind, and right now I’m thinking of subscribing to the game just so that I can have a fully realised Altdorf in 3d on my desktop. That would just be … unlike anything I’ve seen before. How could I use it? Well, maybe take screenshots and turn into handouts … maybe change iAltdorf to better fit with the Altdorf of the MMORPG. And I think that I will get a lot of hits from the WAR crowd looking for game info on Altdorf … it’s gonna be a challenge to supply them with interesting bits as well.

The one thing that is on my mind is what input the Mythic gang is using to model the basic geography of Altdorf. Hopefully they will use the map from WFRP but I’m not at all confident about that happening. I haven’t seen enough of the city to know whether it reflects the information from GW sources, but I have seen shots of places I recognise, so there’s some sort of research going on.

I’ll get back to this and the Warhammer Online web site at a later date. There’s plenty of good stuff to mine from there!