Update: Mysterious posts

Just a short post to explain the mysterious appearance and disappearance of posts that sometimes occur at The Altdorf Correspondent. It’s very simple; sometimes I’m sloppy. Blogger has recently added a feature that lets me schedule posts, so that I can keep ahead of the busy schedule of blogging, and also keep a steady flow of posts on the blog. It works great! Unless I forget to use the draft version of Blogger, or if I put in the wrong date. Which happened today, as I was working on a Best of the Fans entry.

So I pull down the offending post as fast as I can … but … those of you reading my blog via a feed still get to keep my mistakenly published missive. So if you wonder “what the heck was that post about?” or “where did it go?”, then rest assured that it will appear sooner or later, when it’s due to be published.


WFRP: iAltdorf updated to version 1.01

I sat down and made some updates to iAltdorf. The latest version is now 1.01. There are no major changes, but I added a score of locations, fixed some errors on the map, and created a few more layers.

Go here for the download page!

Now you’ll have to wait a while for the next update, probably a month or more, depending on if my scenario goes through to the next round in Black Industries’ scenario competition. But I’m sure you’ll find plenty of use for the map even so.