WFRP: A great post at ACD!

Today a great post landed in my Google Reader. It’s written by the very passionate fellow behind the intriguingly named Another Caffienated Day, and it concerns bridges.  To me it conjured up images of treacherous starlings under the Altdorf bridges, and the fog and rivaling smugglers having a shoot out midriver and midnight.

Read the post here!

Bonus points goes to the author for using Altdorf as an important piece of his campaign setting!


WFRP: Gossip (14)

“The scandalous painter Johann Weissen has been commissioned by the Emperor to paint a depiction of the last stand against the Storm of Chaos at Middenheim! Weissen is bringing in goblins, mutants and even dragons to pose for his pleasure! It’s an outrage!”

– A speaker from The Crusade for All That is Right speaking from on top of an upturned barrel on the Three Toll Bridge

Johann Weissen is a famous painter, surrounded by scandals and indiscretions. His studio is located in the Domplatz Bezirk.

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Johann Weissen's Studio