Visions in my head

I dreamt the other night. I dreamt of towering spires, of gleaming stars and showers of comets. I dreamt of marching feet and children’s laughter and a thunderclap so loud it tore the sky apart. I dreamt of treachery and death, of heroism and defeat, of blood and bile. And then I woke up to the screams, and that was not a dream.

Adolphus Altdorfer
Konigstag, Nachexen 2, 2522 IC

What has the poor Altdorfer gotten himself into? Probably nothing he won’t survive, cause I’ve still got some mileage to get out of him in this blog. Anyway, I speculate that his dreams were visions of the newly hinted at adventure campaign for WFRP, or adventure path as the D&D crowd calls those things. A set of connected adventures which reach a splendid climax in the last chapter, raining doom and fire on the hapless characters. Or something like that. I like the ideas of campaign presented that way, my favourite being Masks of Nyarlathotep and The Enemy Within. There’s just one catch; I never get to finish the damn things.

Anyways, Kate Flack has hinted about a new campaign at the BI forums, and from what little we know about it, I think it sounds intriguing. It’s a one book deal and ties in with Tome of Salvation, Realms of the Ice Queen and Night’s Dark Masters. Supposedly Marienburg will be featured in the book, and the new stuff will be compatible with the old stuff. I like the fact that it’s one book, I can’t be arsed to wait for stuff any longer than I have too (I’m looking at you WH40k), and the larger format probably means that the book will be in colour and 256 pages thick (or something like that).

More interesting though is the revelation that the writing team are actively using the forms of communication offered by the Internet to keep the ideas and writing coordinated. Just like I was hoping for in my previous post about the future for 2007. Also of interest is the stated goal of consistency with earlier published material and a comment stating that the new WFB campaign, Nemesis Crown, will not have a huge impact on the WFRP timeline.

Oh, and the inspiration for the campaign; the Children’s Crusade.

Looks good so far.