WFRP: Scenic views of Altdorf

On this page I have gathered all black and white pictures that I have keyed to places in Altdorf. If you are strapped for inspiration when describing the city to your players, just pop into this page and describe what you see in one or more of the pictures.

The North Gate.

View of the Königstrasse, seen from the North Gate.

The University.

Inside the Temple of Sigmar.
Die Volksoper.
Otto Stierne’s Observatory.
One of many minor bridges around the Eastender Bridge. These smaller bridges often lead
to equally small islands located in the Reik.
Reiksport Bezirk, as viewed when entering Altdorf from the north.

WFRP: The Reiksport Bezirk

A view over the Reiksport Bezirk, as seen 
entering from the north.

The Reiksport Bezirk, which lies just outside the northeast walls of Altdorf, is the newest part of the city. It has grown from being a humble gathering of sheds and jetties, to become one of the capitals most important defenses against invaders, smugglers and Marien-burgers. The district has benefited greatly from the military prescence of the Imperial Navy, and the fact that the Emperor raised funds to extend the walls of the city to encompass most of Reiksport.

It is a rough and tumble area, and one has to keep a sharp eye out for thugs and cutthroats. The district is made up mostly of docks, warehouses, barracks and living quarters for the navy and those civilians who make their living off servicing the large merchant and army vessels that moor there.

Adolphus Altdorfer

Konistag, Sigmarzeit 2

Reiksport Bezirk