FAL News: Warpstone to close after 2009

In a surprise announcement over on the Warpstone forums, John Foody yesterday communicated that number 30 will be the last issue of the smashingly fabulous independent WFRP magazine.

Read the announcement here!

The current issue is 28 and is to be released any day if it isn’t already out. This leaves us with two more issues to look forward to in the coming year. Well, it’s a shame and a surprise and all that, but I’ll keep the tearful farewell blog post in the can until the last issue is released.

Until then, use all your powers to get hold of as many back issues of Warpstone as humanely possible. You will not regret it, even if you don’t play WFRP!

And so, let the conspiracy theories begin to bloom among the WFRP fans. Why is Warpstone shutting down? Why, isn’t it obvious? You see … (insert pet theory about the evils of other people/GW/BI/WFRPv2/WFRPv1/fanboys/D&D here).