WFRP: Help wanted (17)

“Guards needed for transport of 10 barrels of Imperial Stout from the Moot. Oxen and carts provided, applicants must bring own weapons and armor. No alcoholics!”

– Bruno’s Brewhouse gearing up for a halfling festival. Note pinned to their door and distributed at the tables.

The competition for this job is going to be frantic, but most of those who feel called will not make the cut. Bruno’s Brewhouse is looking for serious applicants only, so a good reputation is a must. Which might be difficult for many groups, actually …

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Bruno's Brewhouse


WFRP: Breakfast at the Cowardly Tilean

Today I ventured forth to break my fast at The Cowardly Tilean. It is a rough and tumble place, where many sailors gather to drink and sing and fight. It is also a place where much gossip is circulated, many times shouted over the top of the seamens’ lungs, bawdy tales of inappropriate nature. As is the custom of this place, I was served smoked herring, bread, an onoin and an apple, washed down with a small jug of wine. All this for only a handful of pennies and it stood me until lunch! I picked up many interesting tidbits I intend to investigate further, as well.

A herring, some bread and a mug of wine

Adolphus Altdorfer
Bezahltag, Vorgeheim 12, 2523 IC

Menu at The Burning Table

Before I left The Burning Table, the innkeeper Tafel was kind enough to give me a discount on the eggs, bacon and sops breakfast. And I must say that the Table serves some of the best sops I’ve ever eaten! It’s the usual bread soaked in broth, but Tafel adds a helping of apple cider to give it a special tang! Delicious, and I only had to pay 3p. Great fellow, that Matthias Tafel!

Adolphus Altdorfer
Angestag, Nachexen 3, 2522 IC

The Burning Table offers a fairly standard menu for Altdorf and the Empire. Nothing fancy, just something to fill your stomach and quench your thirst. Tafel offers fresh bread for free with every meal which is somewhat unusual, but something which makes his inn popular among the local residents.

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