WFRP: Help wanted (18)

“My neighbour is a vampire! Will pay handsomely for someone to dispose of him before he sucks my blood! Priests of Morr won’t do anything, so you are my only hope! Also, premium paid to those who can remove the rats in the walls.”

– Curious note stuck on the Dead Tree at the North Gate.

One of my traits as a Game Master is that I set up situations that never are what they seem to be. Unfortunately, my players have become very skilled in figuring this out, so half the time they are still way ahead of me figuring out who to burn and who to suck up to.

The help wanted ad above could very well concern a real vampire. It could also be a clue into something else entirely, a drug ring, a lone blunderbuss man planning to assassinate the Emperor, or just someone who’s afraid of sunlight.


WFRP: Help wanted (17)

“Guards needed for transport of 10 barrels of Imperial Stout from the Moot. Oxen and carts provided, applicants must bring own weapons and armor. No alcoholics!”

– Bruno’s Brewhouse gearing up for a halfling festival. Note pinned to their door and distributed at the tables.

The competition for this job is going to be frantic, but most of those who feel called will not make the cut. Bruno’s Brewhouse is looking for serious applicants only, so a good reputation is a must. Which might be difficult for many groups, actually …

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Bruno's Brewhouse


WFRP: Help Wanted (16)

“Help needed to secure building site for construction of luxury mansion! Able-bodied men and women welcome, food and torches supplied. Ask for the foreman at Westenstrasse Tower, next to the Ruhstatt Cemetary.”

– The Stonecutters’ Guild advertising for expert help.

Did you ever watch Poltergeist? This could be an adventure in that vein. Or an outing akin to The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson. You could even make it into a zombie fest. Or have the problems at the site be entirely mundane; a construction rival, moisture in the foundation or even rats in the walls …

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Ruhstatt Cemetary