WFRP: GM tip (2)

After my last run of WFRP, I’ve started using a few tricks as a Game Master to try to provide atmosphere at the table. One is to adopt different postures for different NPCs, something I will continue to explore as the campaign picks up after summer.

One thing that especially caught the attention of the players was my portrayal of the halflings. It really brought out the character of the little runts, and made the encounters memorable and fun.

So what did I do? I sat on the floor when portraying halflings. Sound stupid? I don’t care, it worked like a charm. We have a low table, so only my head and shoulders were seen by the players, which reinforced the effect of them talking to a halfling.

And I didn’t have to use the silly voices!


WFRP: The Party Dungeon

In my running campaign, the PCs are trying to build reputation in Altdorf society. So far this has met with mixed success, but they are adamant in their pursuits of the finer life of the rich and powerful. And they’ve got some enemies they need to humilate, which always proves a potent motivator for any player at my table.

Anyways, they are supposed to go to a party. I want to kick up the “acting” aspect a bit, but also keep the “gaming” aspect to make sure that the party is influenced by whatever good or bad skill rolls the players make.

Cribbing an idea from Dynasties & Demagogues, the brilliant d20 supplement covering political intrigue, I drew up the following conceptual map of the party. The idea is for the PCs to navigate each square as if it was a dungeon room, with skill rolls, social interaction … and combat, if things turn nasty. Which there is a good chance of, judging from my players and their agendas.

So, what skill checks goes on in the different squares … or rooms, if you so will?

The Party Dungeon


WFRP: Atypical Dwarfs (3)

Welcome to the third installment of Atypical Dwarfs, a series of posts examining dwarf demeanour and offering alternative personalities for dwarf PCs and NPCs.

Click here for installment 1 and 2!

The series is illustrated by Patrik Norrman, the talented and award-winning comic book artist and illustrator. If you enjoy his work and feel that you would like to commission his services, go to my profile and drop me an e-mail.

The Master Smith

In this third part of the series we’ll finally take a look at our first variant dwarf personality; the Master Smith. A dwarf in pursuit of knowledge about how to shape steel into formidable weapons and armour. In a world where possession of a sharp sword can mean the difference between aquisition of supreme power and ignoble defeat, and a sturdy chain mail can save your hide in the heat of battle, a Master Smith is always in demand.

And there are no greater Master Smiths than those who come from the dwarf kingdoms. The most legendary masters have even built small kingdoms of their own, where they rule by stint of their authority on the secrets of iron and fire. For those masters to carry out a commission a prospective buyer must first petition an audience and then pay a large sum of gold, silver, gems or even ancient artifacts for the task to be carried out. There are a few wandering smiths who wander the lands of man and beast, searching for the chance to express their mastery of the craft, and to add to their knowledge by observing what the other races are up to. They are the stuff of legends and are much sought after by kings and lords for their knowledge of smithing.

Adventure seed
The PCs are hired to escort a master smith to a Borderlands kingdom. The ancient master has been commissioned by the king himself to create a fantastic sword as a powerful symbol of his new reign. As might be imagined there are those who want to stop this, or who want to kidnap the smith and put his skills to their own use. When the PCs arrive it transpires that they have to travel to a dwarf hold close by to fetch high class steel … but there are Beastmen in the mountains. The adventure continues!

PC suggestions

Create a dwarf who has the ambition to become the best smith in the history of the race. He travels around the world, accompanied by other adventurers to learn more about the riddle of steel, hoping to find ancient tomes of documented smithing procedures regarding weapons and armour. This PC should always have an appetite for new knowledge and should put a lot of time into developing his smithing skills and his knowledge of the legends of weaponmaking. He should also be a warrior of some renown, to truly understand the soul of the blade.