FAL News: One Ring to Rule them All

Today Cubicle 7 and Sophisticated Games announced that they have picked up the license for an RPG set in Middle-Earth. So we will have yet another version of this epic fantasy license, with lots of market speak in the press release.

Read the press release here!

It looks like it’ll use a new system, but apart from that there’s not much to be gleaned from the press release. Apart from the name, which is The One Ring: The Lord of the Rings® Role-playing Game, complete with an awkward ® screwing things up.

Still, I’m looking forward learning more about the game, and the inevitable discussions about whether a LOTR RPG will have the power to wrest customers from the almighty juggernaut that is D&D:

One Game to rule them all
One Game to find them
One Game to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them
In the land of Renton where the shadows lie.

Nah, kidding. I play D&D4e, and it’s great fun. I hope The One Ring: The Lord of the Rings® Role-playing Game can be great fun as well.


FAL General: Happy New Year!

Well, a new year is approaching and I am starting to find time when I’m not working. This means I’m looking forward to another year of gaming, which I have been most fortunate too get done in spades that last couple of years.

This years it’s been mostly the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons, with mixed success from my part but a hell of a ride for the group. We’re picking it up again sometime in January, tackling paragon levels and Revenge of the Giants.

I have also played several games of Citadels over the year. It is a brilliant game, quick to learn and with engaging gameplay. Look forward to an in depth review of this game and Fury of Dracula which I picked up yesterday, sometime soon.

Apart from that the big thing waiting to be tried is of course the third edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We’re planning on giving it a whirl in January, and with the arrival of The Adventurer’s Toolkit the option of playing a Rat Catcher is once again open … but the players have said they’d rather play a career that does not give me extra incentives to have sewer based adventuring, so we’ll see what they’ll go for in The Ongoing and Spectacular Adventures of the Wilhelms.

And of course, the iAltdorf map will be updated in January.

But until then, have a happy new year!


FAL: New WFRP revealed

Getting home from the pub I saw that RebelDave posted that the new WFRP has been announced. This is the link:

WFRPv3 press release

I am drunk, so I can’t make a coherent statement as of yet, so I’ll get back to this piece of news tomorrow!

Although I must say that this piece of marketing speak is awful:

Stances provide characters a unique venue to reference their approach

Seriously, what the fuck? But it seems cool, so I’ll keep an open mind.