WFRP: New Fan Supplement

I have two pieces of good news today. First, Dave Graffam’s excellent WFRP site, known as The Encroachment of Chaos, is once again online after a short and terrifying hiatus. It turns out Dave was just in transition between hosting solutions, and that has all been sorted now. As for the second piece of good news … to mark the return of the site, Dave has released a new fan supplement: Hugelstein’s Curiosities, a shop with a vast collection of odds and ends for your characters to buy, use and abuse. I haven’t looked through the document completely yet, but any fan work that lists me as a contributor has to be brilliant! Honestly, I can’t remember what I wrote when Dave asked for input, but I’m glad he’s still around working his magic with word processor and layout program.

Click here for Hugelstein’s Curiosities!

And don’t forget to check out Dave’s other stuff. It’s all there at his site, which was named Best of the Fans by The Altdorf Correspondent last year.

Click here for The Encroachment of Chaos!