FAL News: ENnies 2008

The ENnie awards have been announced. You’ll find the results here.

Three lifetime awards; Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson and Erick Wujcik. Of note is that Mr. Gygax and Mr. Wujick passed away this year, so it is high time to honour those that blazed the trails of our hobby before it is too late. I’m particularly pleased that Mr. Arneson was awarded, all too often he is forgotten for his contribution to the birth of D&D.

Paizo Publishing netted seven gold and one silver award, Wizards of the Coast collected five gold and three silver awards, White Wolf picked up three gold and five silver awards. The big names scored big, as usual. It’s going to be interesting to see if Paizo can keep up with their strategy and continue to be successful with the development of Pathfinder and their relations with their fans.

As for the products that were honoured, the games I’m interested in are Trail of Cthulhu and Changeling. The first was already on my radar, but the ENnies brought Changeling to my attention.

As for best fan products, Dungeon Mastering won the gold, and Flames Rising the silver! Good work!


FAL News: WFRP wins Silver and Gold Ennies

The Ennies award ceremony have come and gone and even though WFRP didn’t win everything it was nominated for, the result is pretty impressive.

Best Cartography – Silver award for Game Master’s Toolkit
Best Writing – Silver award for Children of the Horned Rat
Best Adventure – Gold for Lure of the Lich Lord
Best Supplement – Gold for WFRP Companion
Product of the Year – Silver for Children of the Horned Rat

And Black Library snatched a silver for Liber Chaotica, in the Best Regalia category.

This result and the number of nominations speaks volumes as to the quality of the current WFRP product line, and the efforts of Black Industries and the fans, of which many wrote for the books awarded!

Congratulations to all involved!


WFRP nominated for several Ennies!

Today I read the final nominations for the Ennies, the EN World award for excellent gaming products. This award used to be a d20 system affair, but in recent years they have widened the scope and now includes material for any system.

WFRP have already fared well in the Ennies. The rulebook and the bestiary won a total of three categories in 2005. This year also looks to be a good one for WFRP, both for Black Industries and for the fans!

And this year the nominated WFRP products are:

Best Fan Site
Liber Fanatica

Best Interior Art
Children of the Horned Rat, Black Industries

Best Cartography
Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay: Game Master’s Toolkit, Black Industries

Best Writing
Children of the Horned Rat, Black Industries

Best Rules
Honorable Mention: Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay: Companion, Black Industries

Best Supplement
Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay: Companion, Black Industries
Honorable Mention: Tome of Corruption, Black Industries

Best Adventure
Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay: Lure of the Liche Lord, Black Industries

Best Regalia
Liber Chaotica, Black Industries
Witch Hunter’s Handbook, Black Industries

Best Free Product
Black Industries Web Site, Black Industries

Fan’s Choice: Best Publisher
Black Industries

Product of the Year
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Children of the Horned Rat, Black Industries

A big applause for BI, Black Library, all the writers and artists, and an especially grand hooray for the Liber Fanatica crew!

Read more about the Ennies here!