WFRP General: Finally some real news!

The silence from Cubicle 7 has been deafening and to be honest a bit disheartening. But finally, finally we get some official news.

The good news: we got news!

The bad news: they fell into the “we can make it even better!” trap. So the release is mid 2018.

There will be a boxed starter set and a core rulebook, and the covers they share look great! I love the art of Ralph Horsley, and always associated it with WFRP even if he paints for another game.

Tomorrow we’ll get more info, they promise, something about a multi part campaign from olden days of first edition. This must surely be the Doomstones Campaign! Or maybe The Restless Dead … or maybe something about a bad guy living inside your house … or whatever the title of that campaign was.


FAL General: Happy New Year!

Well, a new year is approaching and I am starting to find time when I’m not working. This means I’m looking forward to another year of gaming, which I have been most fortunate too get done in spades that last couple of years.

This years it’s been mostly the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons, with mixed success from my part but a hell of a ride for the group. We’re picking it up again sometime in January, tackling paragon levels and Revenge of the Giants.

I have also played several games of Citadels over the year. It is a brilliant game, quick to learn and with engaging gameplay. Look forward to an in depth review of this game and Fury of Dracula which I picked up yesterday, sometime soon.

Apart from that the big thing waiting to be tried is of course the third edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We’re planning on giving it a whirl in January, and with the arrival of The Adventurer’s Toolkit the option of playing a Rat Catcher is once again open … but the players have said they’d rather play a career that does not give me extra incentives to have sewer based adventuring, so we’ll see what they’ll go for in The Ongoing and Spectacular Adventures of the Wilhelms.

And of course, the iAltdorf map will be updated in January.

But until then, have a happy new year!


FAL General: Dungeon of Doom II (UPDATED)

At this very moment I am running the popular dungeon delve Dungeon of Doom at the Stockholm Spelkonvent, in Stockholm, Sweden, together with my friends. We’ve printed a map 2 meters by 2,40 meters, created by the talented Dante Algstrand and based on WotC dungeon tiles. You can catch a glimpse of it in the pictures below!

We’re using the D&D 4e rules, and the players get to pick a PC at random, and then go into our dungeon facing overwhelming odds. PCs are killed left to right, and the players love it!

UPDATE: The Dungeon of Doom is a simple and very popular concept. I had the idea several years ago and together a group of friends put together a killer dungeon for D&D 3e. We had maps, kill markers, overwhelming monsters, adversarial dungeon mastering, and low level PCs. And dropin. Anyone could play, and it took about 15 minutes for their PC to get whacked. And people lined up in droves and droves.

The freewheeling manner of play, one of the basic philosophies behind my own gaming style, is a real draw. And it seems to work equally well for D&D 4e. We’re running into some things that slow down play, such as Analysis Paralysis, but a firm DM hand brings things up to speed when things get bogged down.

We have one DM, one rules assistant and one player coach. One huge map, minis for the PCs and minis for the monsters. Dice, rulebooks and stuff like that. We’ve laminated the character sheets, so players can write on them with dry erase markers.

Works like a charm!