FAL Tip: Cool links (2)

And now for another reallt cool link to add to your collection of bookmarks! The following site is remarkable since it showcases how to reimagine popular images in new and exciting shapes.

Sillof’s Workshop.

I especially like the steampunk versions of The Empire Strikes Back characters. What’s your favourite?


FAL Tip: Cool links (1)

In the last few months I have stumbled on links to cool and interesting material found online that is not primarily gaming related. This series of posts will highlight the links I think are of special interest, and it can be anything from cardboard models to custom-made action figures to medieval clip-art.

Well start off with a site I think I found the link to on the FFG WFRP forum, although I’m not sure. The site is extremely cool and contains cardboard models of spooky and haunted houses! I think the models are perfect to use as props for games of Call of Cthulhu, WFRP or Unhallowed Metropolis. So go for it, download one of the models and grab those scissors!

Haunted Dimensions