8 thoughts on “WFRP: The Enemy Within returns

  1. Hah! I hope so too, but based on past publications, mr. Allen is very creative when it comes to the geography of Altdorf (c.f. his Watchmen pamphlet).



  2. Hmmm… optimistic, yet fearing the actual product. My biggest fear is that the canon of TEW cannot mesh with the canon of 3E, by Jay Little's own admission at the release of 3E. I fear us grognards will recognize the places and names, and little else.

  3. One of the glorious things about the Warhammer world at this point is that they never really defined Altdorf fully… We were all free to make our own versions, add our own details etc. Most of the maps I've seen stray pretty far from the description in the core ruleset, but hey, who cares right? I've been considering making my own that rests on that description (lots of little islands in a swampy area) plus the good work done by Magnus and others. But now I am tempted to wait and see what comes out of this… -Geir

  4. Hi Geir!

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your e-mail!

    I think the image of Altdorf in fandom has been shaped by the map from The Enemy Within/Mistaken Identity, more than what is actually written in the texts. Thus, we have all used the same map as a starting point, and more or less ignored the writings in the rules.


  5. Hmmm. "…to bring you a brand new story drawn from the themes and concepts of the original."

    I suspect this might only pay lip-service to the original 🙁

  6. @Kevle, could not agree more (see my 3/4 comment).

    Me thinks that someone is grasping at the winds to conjure a magic that only 1e (and 2e by my estimation) could have channeled.

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