Matthias Tafel

Matthias TafelTafel is the innkeeper of The Burning Table in Altdorf. He is a friendly fellow who keeps a tidy inn, which seems to take up most of his time, what with the occasional bar room brawl and festvivities of drunken revellers. Most of his clientele are travellers coming in through the North Gate, and The Burning Table is a common haunt for sell swords and adventurers. As such it has a somewhat chequered reputation among the Altdorf populace, and most customers are from outside the capital. Tafel is well liked in the neighbourhood and can be a veritable fount of information regarding the comings and goings of people through the North Gate. He has a marked disdain for the City Watch, whom he feels are nothing but another breed of thugs up to no good. He is married to Greta, and they have three children; Hans, Arnold and Gretchen. Tafel hopes to be able to sell the inn and buy a small house in the countryside sometime in the future, and is always on the lookout for likely buyers.

Career: Innkeeper (ex-Burgher)

Race: Human

Current profile
Main profile
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
40% 32% 37% 48% 40% 37% 39% 55%
Secondary profile
1 16 3 4 4 0 0 0

Skills: Blather, Charm, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Consume Alcohol, Drive, Evaluate, Gossip, Haggle, Lip Reading, Perception, Read/Write (Reikspiel), Search, Speak Language (Kislevian), Speak Language (Reikspiel), Trade (Cook)

Talents: Dealmaker, Savvy, Streetwise, Strike to Stun, Suave

Armour: Leather jerkin

Armour points: Head 0, Arms, 0, Body 1, Legs 0

Weapons: Stout Oak Club

Trappings: Inn

Rumours of a new edition

In a thread on WFRP fan writer extra-ordinaire Robin Low asked for any rumours about a new edition of our favourite game. Of interest is one poster who claimed to have heard that the license has been aquired by a company and that an announcement is planned.

Fantastic rumour! But given that the source is an anonymous user that has only 36 posts on, I am loathe to get my hopes up. But nevertheless, baseless speculation follows!
Further investigation reveals the poster to be an illustrator who has done some work for Robert Schwalb, of WFRPv2 fame and infamy. Maybe he has passed on some info heard from his contacts?
So given Schwalb’s connection with WFRPv2 via Green Ronin, could the WFRP license have ended up at said company, now as a full licensee and not a production house for Black Library? Sure it could be true. Chris Pramas loves WFRP as far as I can tell, and could roll the game back to v2 rules without much effort or loss of gamer cred.
And if I would guess at an existing company picking up WFRP Green Ronin would be right up there with Modiphius. As a matter of fact, those are the only two alternatives I would feel comfortable with doing a new/updated WFRP.
The more probable guess is that this rumour is false. But one can always hope!

WFRP: A more beautiful Altdorf

Today I stumbled across a post at Strike-to-Stun that showcased another take at Altdorf. It is the user gyldernstern that has started work on a map with a different look than the iAltdorf map I produce.

Click here to see the post!

Click here to see an example of the map.

I think this looks fantastic! It is an inspiration to me that gyldernstern finds use of my map. And I completely agree with his analysis of my creation. I scattered buildings on a whim and they don’t really give a realistic impression of the city. Too much needless detail.

So the style he has adopted seems superior to me. It shows the blocks and inner courtyards which leaves a lot of leeway for the Game Master to place locations. I have sometimes been hindered by the detail of my map, and a bit more abstraction works better.

Alas, I will probably not be able to redraw my own map to the style presented by gyldernstern, even though I think it is superior. So I fully endorse his project and hope that he manages to find time and energy to complete it!

And gyldernstern, if you have any need for my source files, just drop me a line.