Altdorf book in the works

Chatter in the Ratcatcher’s Guild has revealed that Cubicle 7 have started work on an Altdorf sourcebook! That is all we know, and it follows nicely from Andy Law’s call for help in compiling a list of Altdorf references in official works.

So it will be very interesting to see where this goes! Other things talked about by C7 staff indicates that they are thinking about adopting the “it is un-mappable” stance, but I fully expect them to do some sort of spectacular overview map.

WFRP General: Finally some real news!

The silence from Cubicle 7 has been deafening and to be honest a bit disheartening. But finally, finally we get some official news.

The good news: we got news!

The bad news: they fell into the “we can make it even better!” trap. So the release is mid 2018.

There will be a boxed starter set and a core rulebook, and the covers they share look great! I love the art of Ralph Horsley, and always associated it with WFRP even if he paints for another game.

Tomorrow we’ll get more info, they promise, something about a multi part campaign from olden days of first edition. This must surely be the Doomstones Campaign! Or maybe The Restless Dead … or maybe something about a bad guy living inside your house … or whatever the title of that campaign was.