WFRP: Best of the Fans (4)

Poster Jackdays on the Black Industries forum have been very helpful with comments on the iAltdorf project. I’m working on incorporating some of his corrections as well as building a sewer layer.

But Jackdays is not only a helpful chap when it comes to Altdorf, he is also a mapper of skill and – hopefully soon – repute. He has taken it upon himself to expand on Norsca, and has graciously provided us fans with a smashing web site; Kalevala Hammer!

Check out the section on Norsca, especially the huge and detailed map, and remember that a project like Kalevala Hammer is ultimately successful thanks to hard work, a dedicated creator and helpful input from fans. Jackdays can be found on the Black Industries forums, soliciting comments!

His work is surely among the Best of the Fans!


Best of the fans (3)

It’s time again to point your browsers at another stunning WFRP fan contribution. This time it’s not a netbook or a handout but an online tool that garners our attention. For any Game Master who’s had to create an NPC on the fly, a character generator is a godsend! Or fan send, in this specific case.

Character generators don’t get any prettier and easy to use than the one found at Danish based (but English language) web site Malleus Maleficarum.

So I don’t have any qualms about naming their character generator a Best of the fans effort! And after you’ve checked out the generator, be sure to take a look at the rest of the site for a lot of inspirational bonuses!

Great work guys!


Best of the fans (2)

This time at Best of the Fans we take a look at a fan classic for first edition WFRP. It is a treatise on ships and life on the water, aptly titled Under the Sails. The author is Leif Ulrich Schrader, a WFRP fan I seem to remember from the WFRP mailing list. Haven’t seen him about for a long while though, which is a pity.

You can download this splendid supplement from this page! Don’t let the German text scare you off, the document itself is in English. And you’re playing WFRP, so it’s only fair that you brush up on your language skills!